How to enjoy Nakayama Racecourse:The food is also delicious

Now, do you know about Nakayama Racecourse?

Big races such as the "Satsuki Sho","Sprinters Stakes,"Nakayama Daishogai", and "Arima Kinen" are held here.

How to access and enjoy it

I would like to talk about the charm of Nakayama Racecourse.

Please see the JRA official website for admission information!

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This is a map of Nakayama Racecourse.

1-1-1 Kosaku, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture

go by train

From Narita Airport

Walk from Narita Airport [Terminal 3] to Airport Terminal 2 Station.

Take the Keisei Narita Sky Access Limited Express to Higashi Matsudo.

At Higashi Matsudo, take the train from platform 2 of the Musashino Line and get off at the second stop [Funabashi Houten].

From Tokyo station

From the Keiyo Line, take the train bound for "Fuchuhonmachi" or "Higashi Tokorozawa" and get off at "Funabashi Houten".

It's quite far away, so it would be a good idea to ask the station staff.

If you go by bus

10 minutes from Keisei Higashi-Nakayama Station to “Nakayama Keibajo”

From the temporary entrance to the admission ticket office

Once you get off the train, head towards Nishi-Funabashi and exit the ticket gate through the dedicated exit.

When you get off the train, there is a temporary exit towards Nishi-Funabashi. Be careful as the exit in the middle will lead you outside!
Exiting the ticket gate at Funabashi Hoden Station Racecourse temporary entrance. Design with gates

You can buy it at the ticket office, or you can buy it at the JRA ticket site and show the issued QR code.

If you would like to purchase a ticket, please ask the staff and they will let you know.

The ticket office is on the right, and if there is a QR code, go to the left.

Nucky mole

Go inside and walk down the road called [Nucky Mall].

Here, photos of the winning horses [Satsukisho] and [Arimakinen] are displayed on both sides.

There are so many of them that I would like to introduce them to you.

Centrite, the first triple-winner.There is also a race called Centrite Memorial.
Tanino Moutier had a great match with Arrow Express and won two championships, but due to wheezing, he was unable to win the third championship and retired.
Tokinominoru is also a bronze statue at the Tokyo Racecourse. Called the phantom triple crown horse
Meizui won the Satsuki Sho and the Japan Derby, but was thwarted by his rival Great Yorca in the Kikuka Sho.
Despite being a filly, she won the Arima Kinen and Tenno Sho Autumn races, and after Toumei, Arima Kinen did not have a female winner for 37 years.
Stayer's Onward There is a representative of the Showa era. I posted this because I like the name


There is an entrance at the beginning, but it is not the main but the infield.

infield Entrance
There is a park
You can leave the park from here.
Goods shop. There are many kinds, so please stop by!
main stand


The paddock is a place to showcase your dog's condition and temperament.

It was a sunny day, and the horse hair was clearly visible.

Check that the horse is not shaking its head violently, that it is not sweating profusely, and that its rags (horse manure) are not soft.


*Click to enlarge

Black deer hair is cool
A little look at the camera
The most popular horse
The jockey straddles and becomes energetic
A happy Kowatajockey
Jockey Maruyama was a good-looking guy
I took this photo at Ojuchosan's retirement race (Nakayama Great Disability).
Paddock seen from the second floor. It's wider than I expected

Admission to post position

This is when a horse enters the post position.

Run the horse lightly to calm it down and warm it up.

It's great to be able to see them up close than during a race.


*Click to enlarge

Warm up away from the guide horse
Get settled and warm up
He will be riding nearby (Hiroshi Kitamura, jockey)
Head to the 1600m starting point (Jockeys Katsuura and Nishimura)

Also, since you enter the main horse track from the road in front of the finish line, there are many people holding their cameras here.

It's fun because you can see it up close!

It's December so it's cold
“Amai” is a horse that means “sweet” in Japanese.
Nanako Fujita jockey


Seeing it live is completely different.

You can see that the small horse is coming towards you.

The horse is running as fast as it can, making a "do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do" sound.

There is no "pakara pakara" (lol)


*Click to enlarge

Grass 2000m starting point. There is no big lag
Intense positioning begins
Final, 4th corner point
It was stiff, but everyone made a spurt.
The three heads stood together and compared each other
You can see the intense hitting from this distance, it's very realistic!
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There are many restaurants at Nakayama Racecourse.

There are various shops including Chinese restaurants such as ramen and chain restaurants such as Yoshinoya.

In addition to meals, they also sell snacks and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Please try the stadium gourmet way of enjoying Nakayama Racecourse!

First, let me introduce you to infield.

Good luck(infield)

This is a shop that sells light snacks such as alcohol (beer), soft drinks, and ice cream.

We also sell Japanese sweets with red bean paste called GI Yaki!

If you win, why not grab a bite on your way home (even if you don't win, please do!)

The horse is brave!


2023 Nakayama Racecourse Gourmet Grand Prix

We won first place in the food category!

This is a ramen specialty store.

*I'm also on Twitter. I also followed Nakayama Tech and received a follow from Fukumen!

Ramen comes in a wide variety of flavors, including soy sauce, miso, and umami salt.

We have created a special page, so please take a look!!


There is a wide variety of options, from light meals like pilaf and rice balls to snacks like chicken wings and potatoes.

We are located on the mezzanine floor on the left after entering the Baba.

Of course there was alcohol available, and the representative ordered the grape chuhai, which was very delicious!

What is especially noteworthy is the low price!

I don't know what to order

Now, let me introduce main.

Suishoro(1st basement floor)

Ramen specialty store

Enter from Nakayama Racecourse's Honbaba (the farthest entrance) and Kichi will be on your right.

The ramen shops at Nakayama Racecourse are generally well-stocked.

On this day, I received "Wonton pork noodles". Delicious!

Wonton noodles
Wonton pork noodles

Sanko(1st basement floor)

Enter main through the temporary entrance and the store will be on your left.

I ordered Inaka Shiruko.

Is it surprisingly expensive at 400 yen? When I received it, I thought it was worth more than the price because it was quite large.

It has a lid on it to prevent heat from escaping
When you open it, there's a lot of steam. The container is quite deep, so the amount is more than the price
There were two rice cakes! It was voluminous and soft, so it broke when I pinched it at the edges
Menu under the counter

Sushi wakana(1st basement floor)


We sell tuna sushi and alcohol.

It's fatty and very tasty.

Please make your predictions and enjoy some delicious sushi!

domani(1st basement floor)

A soup pasta specialty store. I recommend the basil pasta, but it's quite hearty!

I ate crab cream pasta!

PIZZARA EXPRESS(1st basement floor)

This is the Racecourse branch of Pizza La, a major pizza chain.

The menu has items related to horse racing tickets.

This is a recommended restaurant when you want a snack with a little punch.

KASUYA(1st basement floor)

This is a specialty store for kasu udon in Osaka.

There were quite a few people lined up, and the taste was guaranteed.

You can also learn about the history of Kasu Udon.

By the way, Kasu udon seems to be Sanspo's Nagisa's favorite udon, and she seems to be doing well lately!

Maybe there is a jinx that hits the mark!?

Both the noodles and the kasu are exquisite, and I'm starting to feel like the main race is going to hit the mark.

I successfully won the Ocean Stakes 3 times in a row and was jinxed by Kasu Udon!

The green onions and leeks are exquisite!
The udon noodles are chewy and very filling!

I ate beef tendon udon.

The cow is so soft!
It is very delicious when eaten with beef tendon.

Ramen ya raku(1st floor)

This is a reasonably priced ramen shop.

Is the soup soy sauce based.

In addition to ramen, they also sell large-sized grills, motsu-yaki, etc., and are characterized by their wide range of products.

We also have pork rice!
Purchase meal tickets in advance.

Special ramen

The soy sauce base is topped with hearty pork and flavored eggs, making it very filling!

Recommended for people who want to eat a lot of food!!

Full of volume!
Pork was delicious
The noodles are also delicious when mixed with the soup stock!

Garlic back fat ramen

They used plenty of ingredients that increase appetite.

However, it didn't feel heavy on my stomach and the soup wasn't too thick, so it was easy to eat.

Number of garlic chips!
There were so many garlic chips that I couldn't tell what the pork looked like.
The noodles and soup are delicious!

red offal skewer, White offal skewer, pork rice

Offal is the perfect accompaniment to alcohol.

White is elastic and red is soft.

Both are well-cooked and delicious, so I recommend them.

The pork rice was also delicious because it used pork and had a secret sauce on it.

Offal goes well with beer!
Pork rice is recommended when you're feeling a bit hungry!

Do miso(1st floor)

A restaurant specializing in Tokyo-style miso ramen.

I'm curious about the 5 slices of pork (I've always loved pork).

I recommend going hungry to eat.

Let's buy a meal ticket first

Stick House Paddock V(1st floor)

We offer a wide range of products, from curry to stew with beef tendons!

The signature menu is hayashi rice and beef tendon stew.

They also sell alcohol, so many people seem to buy something to snack on.

herbal sausage
There are also plenty of light meals available.

Kinguemon(1st floor)

There are quite a few people lined up

The menu ranges from Osaka Black to ramen with Doederleinia berycoides.

This is a soy sauce ramen specialty store.

The menu is rich and nice

Osaka black

Mix in the garlic and scoop up the noodles from the bottom to coat them before eating, it's really delicious!

Golden Chinese noodles with Doederleinia berycoides and freshwater clams

It also contains freshwater clams, and it was very delicious as it matched well with the green sea bream.

The char siu had an old-fashioned sweetness, and the flavored eggs were well seasoned.

The noodles are moist and delicious!
Enjoy the pork too! Good old-fashioned feel
The flavored eggs are also delicious! The wonderful Kinguemon who doesn't cut corners in everything!

I uploaded a short video of Nodoguro Ramen!

Umeya(1st floor)

Stand-up style soba, udon, and stew specialty store

This is a standing style that is standard at racetracks.

Recommended as the menu is extensive.

Koichiro(1st floor)

2023 Nakayama Racecourse Gourmet Grand Prix

We won first place in the sweets and snacks category!

It feels like a snack shop, but it also has the atmosphere of an old-fashioned coffee shop.

There is no food menu, but it is a coffee shop with a wide variety of drinks.

They also sell beer, so be sure to stop by if you want a drink.

Many people order coffee mocha floats, so be sure to give them a try!

The drink menu is not very complete.
Mocha Soft won 1st place in the 2023 Nakayama Racecourse Gourmet Grand Prix Sweets and Snacks category!
Rumored Mocha Soft

I received my long-awaited coffee mocha float! Both the mocha ice cream and coffee are delicious, so I highly recommend them!
The beer (550 yen) was also delicious!

Kyodaru GARDEN(2nd floor)

Long line!

Mainly Japanese cuisine, with menus such as eel rice bowl, seafood bowl, and katsudon.

The taste is guaranteed (I've been there many times in the past), so if you have the time, go for it!

Luxury menus lined up

Topukapi(1st basement floor)

Pork curry is an exceptional price at 450 yen.

I had the beef curry for 500 yen (still cheap), but it was traditional and had a good taste.

Beef curry. Delicious!

After eating the curry, I successfully completed the main race!

I got back 7050 yen.

It ended on a positive note!

Torisen(1st basement floor)


This is a restaurant specializing in chicken (mainly fried chicken).

You can have the fried chicken alone, or if you're really into it, the chicken set that comes with fries and baguette is good.

They have a variety of menus and are recommended.

As for the taste, I ate the "bone-in chicken'' with a crispy coating and a fluffy inside.

Grab the protruding part (bone) at the bottom and eat.

Fukumitsu(1st basement floor)

There are also snacks ranging from yakisoba to takoyaki, fries, and homemade fried chicken.

They have a wide selection of drinks, so it's more like a small snack bar.

Park Winds

What is Park Winds?

A racetrack that does not host races but sells horse racing tickets is called this.

You don't need an admission ticket, and you can enjoy gourmet food too!

Turfy shop (goods shop)

We sell stuffed animals, jockey and horse goods, etc.

We also sell commemorative towels and T-shirts.

I think you can buy it as a souvenir!

There are cute stuffed animals


What did you think.

Many young couples, families, and people from overseas visit here.

There is also a lawn in the infield, so you can relax.

Many people come purely to take photos, and it is becoming a place that can be enjoyed from various perspectives.

Please come and visit us when you come to Japan!



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